Tanya Borisova has a long professional experience in the sphere of Primary and Secondary System of Education in Bulgaria. She has worked as a primary teacher and a headmaster of different schools in Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as a headmaster of the Bulgarian School in Bratislava, Slovakia. She has been a senior expert in the system of the Secondary Education at the Regional Inspectorate of Education of the city of Sofia, a representative of the major School Textbooks and School Materials Publishing House "Prosveta" for the city of Sofia.

"I have worked in the sector of Education since 1989. I have chosen the teaching career following the example of my Primary teacher and I cherish the memory of that time with him. He was the one who opened my eyes to the world, who provoked the creative, independent, critical and optimistic thinking in all his pupils. His cause was to teach us how to be good responsible thinking people with high moral values. He taught us how to love other people, to respect the difference and be tolerant.

In all my professional experience of a primary teacher and a headmaster in primary and secondary schooling I have followed his example as I have realized that he has taught me the universal values of love and respect of other people, dignity, democratic human rights as the right to free critical thinking and opinion expression, intolerance to violence in all its aspects, open-mindedness and thanksgiving.

In my career I have realized that the teachers can be the most important people in children’s lives. I can compare the teacher’s work with that of the artist or sculptor of the human mind and being such I view it as the most important of all professions. Maybe, that is why I chose to become a primary teacher in first place. The secret of the good teacher is the love to the children. There is no bigger reward than the realization that it depends on you to make a child open his eyes, acquire literacy, feel happy and loved, and become a good person."

From 2010 until 2014 Mrs. Tanya Borisova held the position of a school headmaster of 4th primary and Secondary School "John Atanasov", district Iskar, Sofia, Bulgaria. От 2010 до 2014 г. During that period she performed her duties with high level of competence and professionalism in application of various innovative and effective educational good practices exchanged during participation in international and domestic projects. She undertook the complete renovation of the school premises. Her qualities of a good manager has helped her to improve the school atmosphere, to increase the number of students and their results, and encourage the teachers to extend their qualification.

For all her professional achievements, Tanya Borisova was awarded the prize "Headmaster of the Year 2013" and "The Best Social Partner 2013" by the Syndicate of the Bulgarian Teachers for cooperation and high results, as well as her personal example and contribution for the social partnership and development of the teaching profession.

She has transferred all the good practices in the 60th School "St.St. Cyril and Methodius" after her appointment for the school headmaster in 2014 on the basis of a won competition. In only a year she has managed to improve and promote the image of the school among the educational and social partners’ institutions, the parents and the community and to transform it into an attractive desired place for study and personal growth.

She has a long professional experience in design, development, participation and implementation in national and European projects, targeted at prevention of students’ at risk of dropping out and acquisition and development of tolerance to children with disabilities or of different ethnic background. The Project SUCCESS motivates the students to remain at school and develop their personal talents and gifts. She has developed a school programme synchronized with the National Literacy Programme of the Ministry of Education targeted and improvement of literacy skills.

Under the Project "Education for Integration" Tanya Borisova and her team pay special attention to the children and students with specific educational needs and work for their social integration after the closure of the isolated social institutions for abandoned children. Aiming at the integration of those children, she has established a special area on the school premises where the children with disabilities can integrate and communicate with their schoolmates being supported by speech-therapists and psychologists.